Our Story


Imagine Little Singhs and Kaurs from around the world gasp as they pick up books with reflections of themselves on those hardcovers. Books about little children, rooted in their Punjabi identity and immersed in stories of our Sikhi. Watch as the words and illustrations weave characters that our children can relate to, recognising scenes such as Sakhi time with Dadaji or learning Japji Sahib with Dadima. It’s the kind of dream we no longer need to imagine, with Little Singhs and Kaurs.

Our community’s children have inspired Little Singhs and Kaurs. With a longing to create books and toys built on the foundations of our values, our history and our ma- boli, we hope these stories make a difference to story time. A tradition long built on Sakhis before bed will now be joined by these illustrated books. Ones based on stories our children live every day, walking on paths to discover a love like no other for our Guru ji.

The Little Singhs and Kaurs team has worked tirelessly to connect little ones from around the world to their heritage, planting seeds soaked in Sikhi. And now, our first series, Adventures with Dadaji, is finally here! Be sure to take a look.

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