Meet the Characters

Sahib Singh

Here comes Sahib Singh, a bouncy little boy who’s love for his Dadaji fills, surprisingly, his big heart. Shhh don’t tell his mama and papa, but this little Singh has been sneaking away on trips with his Dadaji, from vast oceans to fields and even, gasp, space! Come along and join Sahib Singh as he learns to love Waheguru ji just as much as he loves his Dadaji.


Sat Sri Akal Ji bachai, I’m Sahib Singh’s Dadaji. This curious little boy and I are travelling across the world, all this running and jumping and flying sure makes me feel a whopping 10 years younger! I’ve been trying to show this little sher all of Waheguru ji’s creations, whose hearts are filled with love. Aajo, come and join us on our journey through the Garden of Sikhi.

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