Adventures with Dadaji

For all the Little Singhs & Kaurs

Get Ready for a Journey

Adventures with Dadaji Naam Japna

Meet Sahib Singh, a curious little boy who loves his Dadaji very much. Get ready to join these two on their adventures as the little Singh learns how to love Waheguru ji with the same devotion as Guru ji’s other creations.

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Sahib Singh

Here comes Sahib Singh, a bouncy little boy who’s love for his Dadaji fills, surprisingly, his big heart. This little Singh has been exploring away on trips with his Dadaji, from vast oceans to fields and even, gasp, space! Come along and join Sahib Singh as he learns to love Waheguru ji just as much as he loves his Dadaji.



Sat Sri Akal Ji bachai, I’m Sahib Singh’s Dadaji. This curious little boy and I are travelling across the world, all this running and jumping and flying sure makes me feel a whopping 10 years younger! I’ve been trying to show this little sher all of Waheguru ji’s creations, whose hearts are filled with love. Aajo, come and join us on our journey through the Garden of Sikhi.

What They Say

Our Happy Parents

So many things that I LovE about this book! From the bond with grandparents to the adventurous Grandpa to the blend of language, culture and Sikhi, this book has so much to offer. There's a takeaway for all ages (I learned a thing or 2 from the cleverly inserted Gurbani tukhs) Well done @little.singhs.and.kaurs! Keep up the amazing work.


The #adventureswithdadaji book is brilliant! Board book style with a story that connects your offspring with nature with Gurus shabad. Thank you to sevadars at @little.singhs.and.kaurs for this amazing Seva!


This is such a lovely book. My daughter loves it and so do I! Such lovely illustrations too. I love the fact that you have not used gurmukhi even though there is Gurbani being in english this allows us not to worry as much as when the children forget to put the book back on the shelf. Please make more books like this! There are few books like this and stories like these engage kids! Great seva! Thank you

We have read the book over a few times together and the kids love the message of loving and remembering Guru Sahib (God). We also loved the illustrations 🙂


This book 'Adventures with Dadaji' has been his favourite one to read with his own Dadaji for the past few days. It's a beautiful book with such beautiful pieces of Gurbani and colourful images to sprawl their interest. I will highly recommend you all to grab this book if you can from @little.singhs.and.kaurs as I'm sure your kids are going to love it.


I am not ashamed to say, staying in India, sticking our kids to our own roots is difficult, specially when it comes to kids friendly material to aid their understanding about our culture and religion. But I must say Harman is super lucky to have received this book. We read this every now and then. This book has adventure tales with added Gurbani on each page, going with the situation on every step of the adventure. We never miss to take this book along, whenever we are visiting Dadaji and we make sure Dadaji reads it to Harman. I love how the character's name in book is replaced by "Harman" by my family and he relates himself to the little sardarji in the book.


I absolutely loved your book, and can't wait for the next ones. I have been blessed to teach the Preschool Class at The Fremont Gurdwara Sahib Khalsa School in California for over 14 years now, and have collected many kids books over the years but your book has become an absolute favorite. The creativity, the Gurbani tuk, the idea, the printing - all so beautiful.

Balwinder Kaur

Love the way this book connects Gurbani with examples that anyone can understand.




Board book | 22 pages


195 x 207 x 10mm | 350g

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Dec 2018


Little Singhs and Kaurs

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