Fauj of the Future

When Inspiration Roars

Imagine Little Singhs and Kaurs from around the world gasp as they pick up books with reflections of themselves on those hardcovers. Books about little children, rooted in their Punjabi identity and immersed in stories of our Sikhi. Watch as the words and illustrations weave characters that our children can relate to, recognising scenes such as Sakhi time with Dadaji or learning Japji Sahib with Dadima. It’s the kind of dream we no longer need to imagine, with Little Singhs and Kaurs.

Planting Seeds Soaked in Sikhi

Our Purpose

Little Singhs and Kaurs' purpose is to create high quality books and resources to educate young children of their Sikh values and history along with a focus on the Punjabi language. With our wide range of products, we hope to cultivate the seed of Sikhi to one and all, especially our little Singhs and Kaurs!

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Adventures with Dadaji Naam Japna

Meet Sahib Singh, a curious little boy who loves his Dadaji very much. Get ready to join these two on their adventures as the little Singh learns how to love Waheguru ji with the same devotion as Guru ji’s other creations.

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Playfully Punjabi

Playfully Punjabi curates Punjabi language resources for young learners in a playful and interactive manner. Our range of products include an Interactive Punjabi Learning Folder, Picture Flash Cards, and Artistic Alphabet Printables.

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